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Established March 23rd, 2017, Big Sky Country in Germantown, WI, proudly serves the communities of Washington and Ozaukee counties. Our restaurant is a local staple for locals all year long. Whether you join us for lunch or dinner, you’ll love dining with us!

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About Big Sky Country

We have the pleasure of serving patrons from many other communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. If you haven’t given our local restaurant a try, we encourage you to stop in and enjoy a tasty beverage, try our great food, and be a part of the fun times our staff and patrons create every day at Big Sky Country. The management and staff here continually seek ways to improve the customer experience.

Why Big Sky Country? Are You From Montana?

Our owner chose the name Big Sky Country as a celebration of “BIG SKY” everywhere. Yes, Montana has a “lock” on the marketing side, but the beauty of the SKY is everywhere. Here are some examples torn from the pages of our owner’s personal experiences: 

The huge SKY I saw as I drove through the panhandle of Texas on my way back from Los Angeles. A truly awesome sight. The humongous SKY that rose up above the fields as I traveled across Illinois on my way to St. Louis. The SKY starts at one side of the horizon and keeps going until it reaches the other side. Gorgeous! As a five-year-old child in the back seat of my mother’s 1972 Ford LTD looking out the window and seeing row after row of corn just whizzing by. Erupting from the top of the cornfield was a splendidly beautiful SKY that ran up and over the car. And…it ran way ahead of the car, never to be caught.

All SKY is breathtaking! No matter where it is. No matter whether it is happy and shines or sad and darkens your day. It humbles us. THIS is the spirit behind the name and the fuel that propels the management and staff of Big Sky Country to continually provide great food and beverage services.

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When you’re hungry or thirsty, visit Big Sky Country for some delicious food and tasty beverages. We look forward to serving and celebrating the BIG SKY with you at our restaurant and bar!

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